There are many rumors surrounding the Sale of the subdivided property adjacent to Hole number 14 of GlenOaks Country Club.  This page and section of our website is meant to define unequivocally what the Ownership of GlenOaks Country Club (California Dreamin’ LLC) is planning for that site and what they have committed to do.

This message has been created by the ownership of GlenOaks Country Club.  If you have any further questions, you would like answers to on this page, please refer them to, James Miller (Managing Partner of GlenOaks Country Club) or 209-649-6184.   GlenOaks has created the following frequently asked questions to better understand the Sale of the property mentioned above.

I see a sign selling Commercial Property along Brownsboro Road and across from the Norton Commons Fire Department.  What is this property and has it subdivided?
Yes, the property adjacent to Hole #14 (now named; 10501 Brownsboro Road, Prospect, KY 40059) was subdivided into a nearly 6-acre parcel of land on 16 May 2019 in Deed Book 11410 on Page 606 by the Jefferson County Clerk.

Is there a contract on this property?
Yes, with a large international company that has done another develop in the Louisville area.

What are the plans for this parcel of land with the group that is under contract?
The group plans are to build a Class A multifamily apartment complex of less than 200 units.  The rendering of which is shown above.

What is the Zoning for this property?
The property is currently zoned R1.  The group mentioned above has applied for a change in zoning to meet the requirements for the multi-family project they are planning.

Does this mean there will not be a 14th hole now and GlenOaks will only have 17 holes?
Absolutely not. The hole will be changed to a Par 3 instead of a Par 4 and will be aesthetically vastly improved as you can see in the rendering above.  The pond (that was once part of the hole) will be refurbished, expanded, and utilized by the country club as a new water hazard for the par 3 hole.

I have heard that California Dreamin’ LLC (dba GlenOaks CC) also plans to develop many other areas of the golf course?
There are no other plans to develop any other parcels.  California Dreamin’ LLC has continually offered to the GlenOaks HOA an idea of a Conservancy Easement for the remaining golf course property.  California Dreamin’ LLC has also offered to pay for the creation of that easement which essentially means that the golf course will remain a golf course in perpetuity and that the HOA will be the owner of that easement in perpetuity.  The Conservancy Easement concept was designed to specifically alleviate any concerns about further development of any other areas of the golf course.  This offer still stands today and we have also offered to the HOA several lots as a gift if they would offer support for this apartment complex.

I have heard that this is simply a cash play for California Dreamin’ LLC (dba GlenOaks CC), and they plan to use the money to pay its owners?
This is false.  California Dreamin’ LLC still has significant loans with both Republic Bank and the SBA.  Any proceeds from this sale will go to help retire those loans.  The entire idea was to help reduce the debt for California Dreamin’ LLC and to help have more Operating Funds for continued Capital improvements.

I have heard that the Country Club was offered to the HOA at a great price?
This is 100% true. California Dreamin’ LLC offered to sell the Country Club to the HOA for $1,500,000 which is slightly less than what California Dreamin’ LLC paid for the Country Club back in 2016 (or $1,550,000) if and again if the HOA would support the apartment complex project.

I have heard that beyond the offer to the HOA (and mentioned above), that GlenOaks is currently on the market and being sold?
This is not true.  California Dreamin’ LLC has offered the Club to the HOA as shown above but otherwise the Club is not actively being marketed.